Modern Fretwork Panels By Cheryle Rhuda And Danika Herrick

Decoration is something important for a home, especially for the home interior. We can deal with that in order to get the good looking yet cozy home. The decoration for the home can be varied. We can apply anything beautiful there, as long as it can look good for the room.

If we are interested in designing the home to be modern style, the decoration of the fretwork panels can be a good idea. Even though fretwork often feels to be something classic and traditional, but we can get the modern look ones, as long as we choose the right contemporary patterns of the fretwork.

That can also be seen on the designs of Danika Herrick and Cheryle Rhuda which uses the contemporary fretwork panels as the decorations for their furniture. They look modern and interesting with the colorful style.

We can get it as the inspiration for our home interior. We can use the fretwork panels for our interior decoration. We can apply it to not only the furniture but also to the home decoration, such like for the wall decoration.

In order to get the contemporary look, we can choose the modern patterns, such like the abstract pattern for the fretwork panels. For the colors, we can choose the bright colors choices. The color of white can also be a good choice. We can get them to make the modern style room to be not really plain and stuffy.

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