Classic And Elegant French Kitchen In Wooden Furniture

If you get bored with the conventional kitchen, French interior design for kitchen is an excellent solution. The combination of grand chateus with warm farmhouse result a classic kitchen in your house.

French kitchen put a chope table in the middle of the room as the center of attention. The table is made from the wooden materian a long with four simple chair. On the one side of the room, there is a big shelf to keep the kitchen appliances. Make the space efficient, the oven it placed under the sink and the dishes rack is hung above it. On the other side, the you can out a big cabinet for wyne or food savings. Another option is to put a big sideboard or buffet. To create a classic sense, chooce the wooden furniture, the table, chair, sideboard and dish rack. Wooden floor is also hisghly recommended. You can colour the furniture with white, or otherwise choose a blue or red for the wall.

Large window is more preferable to keep the air circulation runs well. You can choose a pastel coloured curtain. For the lighting, it is better to use hang and rise lighting. It adds the aesthetic sense of the kitchen. It is also okay if you want to add more concealed or spot lighting near an important place.

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