13 Breathtaking Duct Tape Crafts For Home Interior

Decorations for home can be varied. They can be the statement too for an interior. That is why we can also notice its existence too. That is the reason why we need to be smart on applying it. It will give the artsy yet beautiful look of the home.

One of the ideas is by making our DIY home decoration by using the duct tape. The duct tape craft is a good idea. It can be made to various artsy yet unique decoration. One of them is the duct tape topiary. We can make the unique ones with the duct tape as the main materials.

The love wreaths can be a good decoration during the valentine time. We can make it using the duct tape. Choosing the red color will make it look like roses wreaths. We also can choose another color of duct tape, such like pink, yellow, and others.

The unique photo frames can also be obtained by using the duct tape. We can cover up the unique yet simple photo frames using the duct tapes. It makes the simple photo frames to be unique and cool.
For December decoration, we can make the Christmas tree ornaments using the colorful an even partnered duct tapes. Another interesting duct tape craft for Christmas decoration is for the Christmas wreaths with the circle shape in green and red color.

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